viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

More vocabulary

decline, effort, broadcast, poverty, hugh, to notice, abject poverty, indeed, It does matter, to face, hold down, growth, slam, seek, drain, sink, behave, deserve, commitment, a remarkable thing, upset, remark, summarize, outline, even, ever, bring up, summary, briefing, out there, sparred, sparrow, to response, testy (irritable, malhumorado), lash out (attack verbally), disgrace, disgraceful, swear-sworn, loyal, expectation, mantle of responsability, yearbook, backbone, praise (elogio, elogiar, alabar), excellent, the finest (the mayor calidad), the whole world, fulfill (mantener una promesa, cumplir, consumar, realizar), incoming (entrante, que entra), neighbour, anxiety (ansiedad, preocupación, feeling of fear), scheduled (previsto, programado), sawnsong (última actuación, canto de cisne), afford. to defeat (vencer), the defeat (derrota), announcement, adverts, muddle, mess, cherry pick (escoger a gusto), civil servant, interface, surface, ensure, to found, founding, to establish, seriously, demonstration, to prove, to show, to demonstrate, protest, acknowledge, come out (salir de, aparecer, hacerse público), overwhelming, homeless, AS WELL, inner, indebted, flaw, defect, end up (terminar en), condescending, launch, hiss, courage, style, manner, brand, trademark, WILLING TO, standards,

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