domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

More vocabulary

Reveal (demuestra, revela), awaits (espera a, espera con anticipación), response, self-righteous, a prospect (posibilidad futura), launch, take over (encargarse de algo),  duty, former, reckless (temerario), come along, properly, appoint, embarassment, to sign, come out, surround, threat (amenaza), recognize, incoming, to gain, deploy, input, attend (asistit), COMPREHENSIVE (a false friend!!) - UNDERSTANDING, network, to argue, argument, to confirm, surgeon, thoughts, hold on, hang on, rejection, disturb, public policy, standards, gorgeous, realize, approach, affordable, stream, steady, thick, guess, supose, jarring, reprise, repeat, attend, flow, approval, outstanding, point, flaw (defecto), submit to (rendirse a), surrender, go through, responsible, responsibility, measure, to notice, hard, call out, have our back, joke, oil, awkward, gather,

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