domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

Over the last few months

I would like to start with the new vocabulary and expressions that I have learnt over the last few months, and others that I remember at this very moment.

Commit - cometer; Committed - comprometido; Commitment - compromiso; To be aware of - ser consciente de; Above all else - por encima de todo; To fix - arreglar; Statement - declaración; Claim - afirma, sostiene; Concern - preocupación, concerner; Remind - recordar; remain - permanecer; Whereas - mientras que; What's going on - qué está pasando, qué pasa; Honestly, Hopefully, Foreign language; Appointment - cita; Immediately, Certainly, Indeed, Once in a while, Although, It seems to me, to make decisions , definitely, therefore, I was wondering if, injured, sick, the most important thing is, whether, nor, awful, awkward, homeless, misleading, nightmare, As you get older, recognize, currently, Often, To focus on, supporter, broadcast, As always, Get over it, deny, exactly, disgusting, almost, performance, recently, humble, skills, feature, to involve, catalyzes, beyond, damages, to prevent, review, remind, guess, a mess, everlasting, repeal, refuse, reveal, target, devastastated, especific, specially, share,

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