domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

A little writing

Well, I will try to say something now that I have learnt a lot of new words in English, although I can't remember each one. Trump is the president incoming. His campaign has been full of bigotry and racial harassment. What can we expect about his government? He is going to repeal Obamacare and that will make many people die. Which is why there are lots of americans that don't like him. As a result, some politicians won't be at the inauguration on Friday. Therefore, we can say that it's a difficult moment in USA's history. Trump is hipocritical and there are people in the country who think he is an embarassment.

More vocabulary

Reveal (demuestra, revela), awaits (espera a, espera con anticipación), response, self-righteous, a prospect (posibilidad futura), launch, take over (encargarse de algo),  duty, former, reckless (temerario), come along, properly, appoint, embarassment, to sign, come out, surround, threat (amenaza), recognize, incoming, to gain, deploy, input, attend (asistit), COMPREHENSIVE (a false friend!!) - UNDERSTANDING, network, to argue, argument, to confirm, surgeon, thoughts, hold on, hang on, rejection, disturb, public policy, standards, gorgeous, realize, approach, affordable, stream, steady, thick, guess, supose, jarring, reprise, repeat, attend, flow, approval, outstanding, point, flaw (defecto), submit to (rendirse a), surrender, go through, responsible, responsibility, measure, to notice, hard, call out, have our back, joke, oil, awkward, gather,

viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

That's interesting

I've just heard: "Over the coming weeks...". Well, up to now, I have used only "over the next weeks". So, from this moment on, I will use "over the coming weeks" too.

Pay attention to these expressions: UP TO NOW and FROM THIS MOMENT ON.


To afford

I can't afford a large house.

I can't afford that trip.

More vocabulary

decline, effort, broadcast, poverty, hugh, to notice, abject poverty, indeed, It does matter, to face, hold down, growth, slam, seek, drain, sink, behave, deserve, commitment, a remarkable thing, upset, remark, summarize, outline, even, ever, bring up, summary, briefing, out there, sparred, sparrow, to response, testy (irritable, malhumorado), lash out (attack verbally), disgrace, disgraceful, swear-sworn, loyal, expectation, mantle of responsability, yearbook, backbone, praise (elogio, elogiar, alabar), excellent, the finest (the mayor calidad), the whole world, fulfill (mantener una promesa, cumplir, consumar, realizar), incoming (entrante, que entra), neighbour, anxiety (ansiedad, preocupación, feeling of fear), scheduled (previsto, programado), sawnsong (última actuación, canto de cisne), afford. to defeat (vencer), the defeat (derrota), announcement, adverts, muddle, mess, cherry pick (escoger a gusto), civil servant, interface, surface, ensure, to found, founding, to establish, seriously, demonstration, to prove, to show, to demonstrate, protest, acknowledge, come out (salir de, aparecer, hacerse público), overwhelming, homeless, AS WELL, inner, indebted, flaw, defect, end up (terminar en), condescending, launch, hiss, courage, style, manner, brand, trademark, WILLING TO, standards,

jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

To make sure

He made sure they were all listening before starting to speak.
I have to make sure that I have locked the door.

Let me try...

I have to make sure that we are in the correct classroom.